TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635): Remains a Solid 4K TV at a Low Price

It’s not your imagination. After dropping for years, TV prices have been increasing, many thanks to a lack of chips and disrupted provide chains because of the global pandemic. But there are still some sets that stand for a great worth, such as the TCL 6-Series which makes a difficulty for the very best TV under $1000.

I’m evaluating the 55-inch variation of the TCL 6-Series Roku TV. It flaunts some of the newest display technologies – consisting of quantum populate movie and mini-LED backlighting – to boost color recreation and improve picture comparison. It also has all the necessary features to earn it the centerpiece of your home theater, consisting of a pair of great features for players, without busting your budget.


The TCL 6-Series is considered to be a mid-level 4K TV. It is not the very least expensive 55-inch model you will find available, which can dip down as reduced as $400, but it is also much from one of the most expensive, which can top $1,800 for an OLED set with all the trimmings. Presently, the 55-inch TCL 6-Series Roku TV is operating at about $899 retail. That is a considerable worth provided it’s a well-rounded set of features. (It also is available in a 65-inch variation for $1,300 and a 75-inch dimension for $1,700 retail.)

The TCL 6-Series is a quantum populate set, which means its LCD screen has an included movie layer to give it a wider array of displayable shades. It also obtained more individual LEDs to light up the picture from behind, a supposed mini-LED design (not to be confused with advanced micro-LED sets where each pixel is its own LED backlight). The 55-inch TCL 6-Series has 128 separate backlighting areas made up of numerous mini-LEDs, giving it more accuracy to lighten up one part of the screen, while at the same time dipping right into another right into darkness. (The 65 and 75-inch models of the 6-Series provide to 240 areas and 1,000 mini-LEDs.)

The TCL 6-Series also supports all the key 4K display styles, consisting of a 120 Hz revitalize rate (to decrease jitter and improve picture clearness) and high vibrant range (HDR) Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG support for streaming and broadcast programs that have HDR. To connect to all that 4K content, there are 4 HDMI ports, one of which is eARC suitable, meaning that it will immediately sync with a suitable soundbar or border sound receiver. There is a coaxial link for an antenna, a 3.5 mm sound output, a USB port, electronic sound output, and an AV output for traditional equipment, such as a laserdisc gamer or VCR, should you still have one subjugating. For today’s streaming solutions, there is an Ethernet port or more commonly used Wi-Fi 802.11ac to earn the cordless link.


Customarily, I found the set’s normal picture setting too bright and too likely to bloom (or obscure) some highly color-filled locations. For my time with the set, I found the movie setting was a lot more precise and reasonable in look and stuck to it for most of the testing duration.

The TCL 6-Series exposed itself to be a qualified 4K TV. It succeeded in creating shades, whether it was a muted, unclear scene or an iridescent, out-of-this-world sci-fi extravaganza. The set did an exceptional job, for instance, handling the florid extras of Guardians of the Galaxy (also when upscaled) as well as the patriotic hues of Wonder Lady 1984. In truth, the set succeeded recreating the standard color range striking 99.92 percent of the RGB color space.

The TCL 6-Series also easily handled tricky-to-reproduce darkness that are the hallmarks of dark collections such as the Batman and Harry Potter movie franchise business. The TCL 6-Series managed to keep information in dim edges without rinsing the entire picture, for instance. And the TV set showed consistent screen uniformity, meaning that when showing a solitary strong color throughout the whole screen there were no uneven bright or dim spots.

For all its stamina, the TCL 6-Series mini-LED set isn’t perfect. I did spot, for instance, some uneven banding in what should have been smooth color shifts in the grey skies of the 4K Blade Jogger 2049 movie. I also kept in mind some haloing where a brilliant item generates rings of light about itself versus a dark history. Shades also just weren’t quite as accurate as we’d prefer to see, with a Delta E score of 2.8; better to 2 is better.

These weren’t deal-breaking problems and, granted, I was looking particularly for such flaws. But such information is what divides mid-level sets such as the TCL 6-Series from more expensive OLED TVs.

It should also be kept in mind that the TCL 6-Series does afford some very good viewing angles. Resting off sideways (far from the ideal facility viewing position) didn’t rinse the picture as it does so often on lower LCD TVs. It does not suit the severe angles offered by OLED sets, but it is great enough to ensure that if you are stuck on the completion of the sofa, you will not miss out on all the fantastic shades and pyrotechnics of the newest smash hit.

Finally, devoted players may want to think about the TCL 6-Series set. Inning accordance with the company, it was the first readied to receive a THX Certified Video game Setting classification. Because setting, the TCL 6-Series eliminates the video clip processing that often slows video pc gaming efficiency and meets various other criteria to equal fast activity video games. The set also has an Auto-Low Latency Setting feature which means it will immediately switch to a video game setting whenever a connected console is transformed on.


For all its benefits, the TCL 6-Series does not focus a lot on sound quality. The integrated stereo is a moderate 2 x 8-watt design. It does support the Dolby Atmos style, which is supposed to produce a 3D-like immersive sound experience. But you will not find that here unless you connect a suitable soundbar or border stereo.

Additionally, if you are looking for window-rattling sound stress degrees, you are not getting it from the TCL 6-Series set. Quantity degrees are certainly sufficient to fill the average living room or den, however.


The physical design of the TCL 6-Series complies with present conventions. It has to do with the average density for a set of this dimension, being available at 2.8 inches to accommodate all the electronic devices and inputs on its behind.

The black and cleaned steel framework is inconspicuous and for table-top positioning, there are 2 splayed feet that connect at either finish of the screen. A nice design touch is that the left and right feet just connect one way, so you can’t blend them up and put the set off kilter. Of course, if you want to do a wall surface installation, that is feasible to use any 300 mm by 300 mm VESA mount.

The functionality of the TCL 6-Series is improved by the Roku user interface. Its ceramic floor tile visuals design teams everything, input video clip resources, and streaming solutions alike, right into one simple user interface. It also flaunts potentially among the largest arrays of streaming programming (which Roku phone telephone calls networks). There are all the primary gamers, such as Netflix, Prime, and also the Criterion Network for movie enthusiasts. Roku has of late been squabbling with the similarity cable television driver Range and Google’s YouTube TV, which has led to those applications being dropped, but we hope those spats are dealt with quickly.

One point of differentiation here’s that the Roku TV user interface consists of an articulate browse with a microphone built right into the push-button control. It is incredibly useful for finding a program or movie amongst the wide range of resources available. However, to use a wise aide such as Alexa or Msn and yahoo Aide, you need to patch those functions through your own wise speaker; it is not integrated.


As prices rise, it is obtaining harder to find a high-quality 4K TV for a deal price. The 55-inch TCL 6-Series is an extremely noteworthy exemption. It provides reputable picture efficiency and has the requisite 4K features, consisting of Dolby Vision support, which gives movies sustaining the style more extreme shades and comparison. Players will also value the TV’s 120-Hz variable revitalize rate, which means it can take benefit of the 4K features on the newest titles for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X gaming consoles.