These Technologies Exist In the Movie But Now Also In Reality

Do you know a really old movie Back To The Future (1985) directed by Steven Spielberg? This movie has the science fiction genre is talk about time travel done by Marty Mcfly with Doc Brown from 1985 to 2015.


When both of them arrive at the future they were shocked by a lot of technology that doesn’t exist in their original time.

One of the technologies that shock them most is magic glasses or smart glasses. They thought the gadget that only existed in the movie according to their era was now in the palm of their hand. At that time people use it as a communication device.


Not only Back to The Future, but there are also many box office movies that talk about future technology. Back in that day, it sounded impossible but today they really exist.

In 2013 Google created google glass, and in 2014 they start commercialized that. Oppo also has its own product called Oppo Air Glass. This glass is an assisted reality or AR, the design was inspired by a feather with a touch bar on its frame.


Oppo air glass using spark micro projector 0.5 ccs. They claim this projector is the smallest in the world that is able to show content projection on the lens. Moreover, this sophisticated glass by Oppo also uses a micro LED screen panel and has up to 3 million nits of brightness. The special thing is, that they use sapphire glasses to maximize durability and clarity.

Oppo also gives a touch bar with many functions and features, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, a speaker, and a dual microphone. They use snapdragon 4100 wear as a chipset, this chipset that specialized in wearable devices. This chipset is able to make users feel waveguide technology and also can connect the glasses to a smartphone or smartwatch.