Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Home Cinema Pack: is the Pure Course for the Masses


It is not constantly easy to belong to a large, effective empire. Simply ask the Windsors. Despite the fundamental benefits of coming from a thriving family tree, it can be difficult to earn your own note and be noticed – for favorable factors at the very least.

Just like the Royals, other British organization Wharfedale and its Ruby collection of audio speakers have a lengthy and fabled tradition (albeit with significantly much less scandal), as well as a little bit of a German link. Beginning in 1982 with a solitary model, the accessibly valued Ruby range is currently in its 14th generation, slightly confusingly known as Ruby 12. This generation is composed of 3 dimensions of stand-mount audio speakers (12.0, 12.1, 12.2), 2 options of floorstanders (12.3 and 12.4), and a solitary center audio speaker (12. C).

But there are no genetic hangovers to be found here. For Ruby 12, Wharfedale generated German-based developer Karl Heinz Fink, formerly greatly involved with Q Acoustics, to transform the range from front to back. Almost every aspect of the building from the cupboard to the chauffeur material is revised, and the outcome is a remarkably charming, affordable, and well-engineered line-up of audio speakers for a stereo or 5.1 (or more) border setup.


There are several feasible ways to set up mixes of Ruby 12 models in a home movie theater environment. Here, we’re testing a system making up a quartet of the excellent, mid-sized Ruby 12.1 bookshelf audio speakers for fronts and borders (valued at £249 / $399 / AU$699 each pair), with the 12. C in the center (£229 / $229 / AU$575) and the SW10 powered subwoofer (£349 / $ 599 / AU$1149) provide the bass.

In the UK, this system is called the Ruby 12 Home Movie theater Load and can be picked for £999 – a conserving of £77 over the cost of buying everything individually.



Ruby 12’s revamp started with the building of the cupboard, and the outcome is a strong, wise, understated development. Available in 4 tones of matte timber grain, the classic design is nicely offset by a high-shine frustrate in strong black or white.

The designers produced the paneling from differing thicknesses of MDF that, along with spot bracing, help better control undesirable resonances. Packages have a considerable feel but aren’t aesthetically obtrusive. They also appear more expensive compared to what they are. Each of the audio speakers has a declared 8-ohm resistance and 2 sets of terminals for bi-wiring, with mirror-finish steel bands consisting of non-bi-wired set-ups.

Home movie theater audio speaker package: Wharfedale Ruby 12.1 Home Movie theater Load

The 12.1 stand mounters have a two-way rear-ported design featuring a solitary 13cm mid/bass chauffeur made up of something called ‘Klarity’, which isn’t a Kardashian but a brand-new polypropylene compound cone material with mica included to improve rigidness. The Klarity cones are owned by a magnet with an aluminum payment ring to minimize the impacts of changes in inductance that can occur as the articulate coil moves.

On the other hand, the 25mm fabric tweeter domes are almost totally subjected, with a high gloss covering and a design intended to offer wide dispersion, smooth reaction, and solid characteristics. Both drivers are related to a carefully calibrated crossover that the company says uses premium elements. The 12. C is set up similarly to the 12.1 but with a set of 13cm Klarity drivers and a solitary tweeter.

The SW-10 subwoofer is available in coordinating timber finishes with the same polished frustrate real estate a solitary front-facing 25cm long-throw chauffeur. Hidden at the back are physical manages for a degree, stage, and auto-sense (the below appears on standby when an indication is received), as well as 2 RCA inputs. Set down after 4 stocky feet, it rests at 42cm high and, despite it being the tiniest below in the 4 solid SW collection, it’s never tiny. However, the quality of the development means it looks like a good-looking furniture piece instead compared to an uncomfortable black dice and, particularly provided its efficiency, we imagine most individuals will more than happy to earn space for it in their living room.



The tautness and dexterity of the SW-10 are instantly striking when the Ruby 12.1 HCP obtains having fun. It is extremely music below and it mixes perfectly with the smaller sized audio speakers, which themselves have an. impressively well-integrated reduced finish. The outcome is abundant and vibrant sound, especially in movies with a greatly featured score. When watching Amelie, Yann Tiersen’s well-known accompaniment ruptures with heat and deepness while there is a real snappiness throughout the board that isn’t limited simply to high transients. Despite this responsiveness when points obtain busy, the 12.1s maintain a solid control, with a protected sense of authority and cohesion.

The sonic dexterity of the package is displayed well in the scene where Amelie meets the picture cubicle repairman for the very first time. Here, the stylized, increased sound design is matched up with the uneven movie modification, and each unexpected effect ruptures dynamically with self-confidence, dramatization, and uniformity among the viewer.

The sound field is smooth and although switching the front 2 audio speakers for floorstanders would certainly provide more range, there’s something to be said for the uniformity of tone produced by using the same audio speaker for fronts and borders.

Also in this respect, the 12. C center audio speaker is well-matched to the 12.1s and, unlike with so many various other packages, draws its weight equally. We watch the sonic psychological dramatization of The Sound Of Silence and find that the audio-obsessive protagonist Peter’s extremely soft-spoken, mentally repressed discussion is well forecasted with clearness and nuance. Set in the bustle of New York, Peter’s job is to free the city of undesirable ambient sounds and as he pads about his clients’ houses searching for creaking floorboards and whining pipelines, the Ruby 12 HCP digs up lots of residential information and subtlety, production us feel the need to inspect if it is actually our air conditioning unit production the annoying hum.

To give these tabletop-sized boxes a little bit more of an energetic challenge we try Blade Jogger 2049 and they project the meaty, sonorous score with both composure and charm. In the scene where Ryan Gosling flies to the orphanage, there are lots of fragile subtleties, from the sound of the raindrops touchdown on the windshield to the wiper cleaning them off. In the future, when points undoubtedly begin to obtain eruptive, the 12.1s still deliver with balanced but engaging force.


With grace, ease, cut glass diction, and charm, the Wharfedale Ruby 12.1 HCP are basically the Audrey Hepburn of home theater audio speaker packages. It offers abundant bass without compromising or subduing the mid and treble, providing a fully grown sound that is abundant in impact, dexterity, information, and level of sensitivity.

Large enough to provide a motion picture range with a broad sound field, but very discreet and affordable enough to come to a variety of target markets, the 12.1s show is an outstanding choice for both songs and movies.