Wharfedale DX-2: Movie Magic on a Small Range with an Appealing Price.


Do not have a lot of space in your house but still want to delight in your house movie theater pastime? For some, a soundbar simply does not suffice.

It is easy to stop at the thought of presenting a complete 5.1 border sound package right into your home when you have limited space – but Wharfedale has simply the service.

A follow-up to the excellent DX-1HCP and DX-1SE audio speaker packages, the Wharfedale DX-2 is a tiny, charming, and incredibly qualified 5.1 border audio speaker package that has currently had a considerable decrease in its introduction price.


Develop and Compatibility

How petite are the Wharfedale DX-2 audio speakers? Standing simply 19cm high – they’re approximately the same measurements as the Sonos One – the 4 satellite audio speakers are small enough to be in shape almost anywhere.

While we’d suggest putting them on dedicated supports where feasible, the small audio speakers are designed to feel comfortable in addition to racks, on cabinets, on the TV shelf – anywhere you can find an extra spot in your room, truly.

Do not have the space or allocate stands? You can wall-mount them rather, many thanks to the braces at the rear of each audio speaker.

The whole package is revamped. The shiny front remains, but the cupboards currently have curved sides and the smooth leather-like finish covered the audio speakers eliminates the need for spikes or rubber feet – so you can place them straight on surface areas without fear of scrapes. It is a sleeker, smarter, and more luxurious appearance.

Further aesthetic embellishments, such as the chrome rings bordering the fixed audio speaker grilles for each chauffeur – a cool design that safeguards the drivers without totally covering up the front – and the lack of any grille openings make the entire package appearance also tidier. The DX-2 is available in 2 colors: the black of our review example or a white finish.

Developing quality benefits the cash, although we do have difficulty obtaining our recommendation cable televisions (with standard 4mm banana connects) to suit the audio speaker terminals. It is too limited in shape, with the terminals feeling a little undersized.

Much like its previous iterations, each satellite has a 19mm silk dome tweeter and a 7.5cm mid/bass chauffeur, with the center network using 2 of the mid/bass drivers to flank the same tweeter.

The satellites are all closed-box designs – there is no port – production it easier to place them better on wall surfaces without impacting sound quality.

The center network has an aperiodic bass packing system (a small opening at the back full of unique foam) assisting decrease low-frequency distortion and controlling bass efficiency from a small cupboard.

The WH-D8 energetic subwoofer finishes the set. Making up a forward-firing 20cm long-throw chauffeur powered by a 70W amplifier, it is small enough to be hidden in an edge.

If you regularly watch movies, we’d maintain the ‘auto sense’ switch toggled on: the below immediately enters into standby when not being used, switching itself on when an indication is detected.



Audio speakers in this dimension often struggle to handle Hans Zimmer’s legendary score for Creation, but the Wharfedale DX-2 package provides a reputable range of sound – bigger and heftier compared to its diminutive stature would certainly recommend. It sounds punchy, detailed, and remarkably extensive.

The DX-2 may be designed for smaller-sized rooms, but it copes admirably also in our large AV test room. There is plentiful information, it handles vibrant shifts easily, and not once does it cannot fill the room. That is an outstanding accomplishment for any small border package, not to mention one this affordable.

Of course, bigger audio speakers will fill a room more easily, but as the dream collapses in the last act of Creation the Wharfedale audio speakers deliver deep, resonant keeps in mind and roaring accidents with utter composure.

The DX-2 audio speakers are well-integrated too. Border impacts ping about the room, engulfing you in an verbalized cocoon of sound. The haunting whispers on the island in Celebrity Battles: The Last Jedi are clear, and precise and stimulate a chilling atmosphere as they resemble the border audio speakers.

The package does a grand job of going peaceful, too: echoes in a cavern pass away suddenly, diving you right into silence. The sides keep in mind are precise and clean, enabling the Wharfedale to maintain a stylish, nimble sense of timing. It is an extremely listenable audio speaker package.

Discussion reduces through the busy unique impacts mess, although we would certainly prefer more structure and deepness to voices. Rey’s hopeful entreaties compare well with a senior Luke’s grumbles, but more solidity and low-frequency information would certainly flesh out the feeling in their voices.

More subtlety in the lower regularities would certainly help overall, but that should not remove from the roar of punches, explosions, and soundtrack crescendos. It is a rewarding quantity of grunt and weight – particularly at this price – to maintain us hooked to the activity.

Press the quantity too expensive and the Wharfedale package begins to struggle. But the DX-2 holds our attention at lower quantities – a certain sign of refined and meaningful characteristics.


Increase the price range and you will find audio speaker packages (such as the Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 Movie theater Load) that are more verbalized, more precise, and bigger-sounding. But they cost double what the Wharfedale does.

The entertaining efficiency, the compact-yet-stylish development, and the attractive price – it is outstanding how a lot of Wharfedale has been packed right into the petite DX-2 package. It is a great service for AV followers limited on budget and space.